Information Technology for Business

Kansas State University

Brian Kovar

Instructor of Management

For Use By Summer 2018 Section B of Information Technology for Business


Office:   Business Building, Room 3031

Phone:   532-3981

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Class Syllabus


Summer Semester Office Hours

Daily:  Immediately after class

Any time I am in my office





Deep Link for MANGT 366 students to use to directly log into KSU Online class materials

Direct Link to the Wiley Plus Learning Space Student Package

Management Information Systems 4th edition by Rainer, Prince and Watson



Class Assignments

Excel Tutorial Activity #1

Excel Tutorial Activity #2
Excel Tutorial Activity #3

Excel Spreadsheet Project #1

Excel Spreadsheet Project #2

First Software Quiz Review

Second Software Quiz Review

Data Analytics Using Excel

Access Tutorial Activity

Access Database Project

Third Software Quiz Review Sheet




Tentative Course Schedule

Textbook: Management Information Systems 4th edition by Rainer, Prince and Watson
Wiley Plus Learning Space Student Package



Class Preparation Material

Monday July 2

Introduction to Course
Chapter 1: Intro to Information Systems

Orion Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Reading

Tuesday July 3

Introductory Software Activities

Wrap up chapter 1

Spreadsheet Design and Excel

Hand-On Text Pages 4-7


Wednesday July 4

No class due to Fourth of July Holiday



Thursday July 5

Spreadsheet Design & Excel

Excel Hands-On Presentation #1


Orion Chapter 1 Due at 10pm on Thur July 5

Friday July 6

Excel Tutorial Activity #1 Due at 7:59am
Excel wrap-up

Strategic Initiatives for Competitive Advantage
Cloud Computing

Excel Hands-On Presentation #2

Chapter 2 Reading

Cloud Computing Reading




Monday July 9

Excel Project #1 Due at 11:59am
Cloud Computing Wrap-up

Excel Hands-On Presentation #3

Chapter 5 Reading



Tuesday July 10

Excel Tutorial Activity #2 Due at 7:59am
Video (HTML, XML and the Machine is Us)

Excel Hands-On Presentation #4

Business Analytics: Chapter 5

Excel Macros



Wednesday July 11

Software Quiz #1
BI: Decision Making Systems

Orion Chapt5 Business Analytics Due at 10pm

DSS reading

Pages 1-12


Chapter 11 TPS Reading

Thursday July 12


BI: Decision Making Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Friday July 13

Excel Tutorial #3 Due at 7:59am
Wrap-Up Decision Making Systems

Excel Hands-On Presentation #5

Artificial Intelligence

AI Haag reading Pages 13-40

Monday July 16

Artificial Intelligence

Excel Hands-On Presentation #6

AI Reading Assignment Due at 7:59am

Tuesday July 17

Excel Project #2 Due at 11:59am
Software Quiz #2

Artificial Intelligence




Wednesday July 18

Access Tutorial Due at 7:59am
In-Class Artificial Intelligence Quiz

Artificial Intelligence Wrap-Up

Access Hands-On Presentation #1



EXTRA CREDIT: Orion Artificial Intelligence Due at 10pm

Thursday July 19


Data and Database Design


Chapter 3 Reading

Friday July 20

Interpreting SQL
Access Hands-On Presentation #2

Data Analytics Using Excel Pivot Tables due at 11:59am

Designing Database applications reading

Monday July 23

Orion Chapter 4: Telecommunications and Networks due at 7:59am

Data Analytics Using Excel Discussion

Access Hands-On Presentation #3


Tuesday July 24

Access Database Project Part #1 Due by 7:59am

Open Book/Open Note Quiz

Data Communications for Business Students

Software Quiz #3 (Part #1)


Orion Database Design Due at 10pm

Chapter 4

Haag Telecom pdf reading


Class Prep Questions

Wednesday July 25

Data and Database Design

RFID & IT for Supply Chain Management

Managing IT Systems


Chapter 10 RFID

Chapter 13 Reading


Thursday July 26

Access Database Project Part #2 Due by 11:59am
Managing IT Systems

Information Security

Protecting Information Assets

Ethics and Privacy

Friday July 27

Pick 2 of 3 Orion activities: required

Third one is extra credit

Orion Chapter 7 Information Security

Orion Plug IT In: Protecting Info Assets

Orion Chapter 6 Ethics and Privacy

Must be completed by 8am on Friday July 27

Friday July 27

Software Quiz #3 (Part #2)
Final Exam



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